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READ: White House Coronavirus Task Force Report Finds Iowa Still In Red Zone For New Infections

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The newest White House Coronavirus Task Force Report says Iowa's test positivity and new infection rates continue to drop, but the state still remains in the red zone.

The newest White House Coronavirus Task Force report has found Iowa’s test positivity rates, new infections and hospitalizations continue to drop, but still places the state in the red zone.

The newest report is dated Sunday and was released by the state public health department on Wednesday.

It found Iowa is still in the red zone for test positivity rates and new infections.

Iowa had the 20th highest rate of new infections in the country last week with cases dropping 21 percent, and had a test positivity rate of 17 percent making it the 11th highest rate in the country.

The report found the state still has high levels of community spread in 95 percent of counties.

The report warns that the fall and winter surge in new infections still continues to spread nationwide, but said many state and local governments have failed to implement the same mitigation strategies that stemmed the surge in the summer.