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Kississippi, 'Dreams With You'

Silly little love songs can be sickly sweet — empty sugar bombs that feel good at first, only to drain your energy. But Kississippiseems to have been to the Carly Rae Jepsen school of pop music: "Dreams With You" articulates the overwhelming rush and nonsensical whims of a new crush. As one of the quieter songs on Mood Ring unfolds, a bed of pillow-soft four-on-the-floor palm-muted guitar provides a steady rhythm to slow the heart's pitter-patter. "Do you know my name yet?" she wonders. "Cos my brain's repeating yours." As Zoe Reynolds turns from gushy to clear-eyed in her affection, the production shifts from soft synths to arena-filling synth pads, quickening lollipop licks from the guitar and an urgency to fall back asleep, just to dream.

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