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How Does Having A Disability Affect Your TSA Screening Experience?

LA Johnson

Does having a disability affect your experience with TSA screening at the airport? If so, NPR is doing stories about this and we'd like to hear from you.

Airports are crowded again. People are traveling. Which made us wonder what it's been like—now and in the past--for people with disabilities when they go through those TSA screenings.

Have you been subjected to additional search or screening related to your disability? Have you been treated in ways that seem respectful? Do you feel agents have the training they need to screen people with disabilities?

Does the screening process take longer than for other people? Do you get separated you from people you're traveling with or from your bags or medical equipment? Are screening areas accessible for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility?

Have you used the TSA Cares program or TSA Pre-Check? Have you noticed a change over the years in the way TSA agents do these screenings?

Whatever the case, your story will help us understand what's happening out there and inform our reporting.

Please fill out the form below and an NPR reporter may contact you for a story.

Your submission will be governed by our general Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As the Privacy Policy says, we want you to be aware that there may be circumstances in which the exemptions provided under law for journalistic activities or freedom of expression may override privacy rights you might otherwise have.

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Joseph Shapiro is a NPR News Investigations correspondent.