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Take This Quiz Before You Begin 'The End'

The End is coming on Friday, Oct. 13. But it's hard to be ready for The End, if you don't remember the beginning.

In an extremely fortunate turn of events, we have just finished rereading the first 12 Lemony Snicket novels in preparation for Book the 13th. We have also read nearly all of the final installment. Unfortunately, the publisher neglected to send the last chapter.

If you do not have time follow our example, we have prepared a quiz so you can brush up on your Snicketology -- especially the characters who make return appearances in this last Lemony volume. If you pass, you are ready to begin The End.

1. Who lives next door to Count Olaf and why does she wear a robe to work?

2. Should the Baudelaires be scared of the Incredibly Deadly Viper?

3. What herb, which plays an important role in Book the 13th, was previous cited on Lousy Lane?

4. On what lake are the Baudelaires stranded during Hurricane Herman?

5. Who was ate by leeches?

6. Who runs circles around Couch Genghis so Violet and Klaus can study for their comprehensive exams?

7. Why must the Baudelaires take the stairs at 667 Dark Avenue?

8. Count Olaf’s weapons of choice are fire and harpoons. Who are the harpoon victims in The Village of Fowl Devotees

9. Who works as a fortune teller at the Caligari Carnival?

10. Members of what freezing-cold organization wear snowflakes on their white uniforms and pledge to be "calm, darling, emblematic, frisky, grinning, and human," among other things?

11. What is the name for "a single spore has such grim power/That you may die within the hour" and what is the antidote?

12. Lemony Snicket's sister Kit is in love with this man, who is impaled by a harpoon.

13. How many languages does Sunny speak?


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Melody Joy Kramer