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Easy Star All-Stars: Radiohead Meets Reggae

When it first emerged, Easy Star All-Stars — a group of some of New York City's best reggae musicians — was widely dismissed as a gimmick because of its reggae and dub versions of classic rock songs. But the group's authentic live shows and sharp original songwriting have since made it a popular and highly respected hit-maker.

The men at the heart of the music, Michael G and Ticklah, have been performing and recording material together since the late '90s, but their first break came in 2003 with the success of Dub Side of the Moon. A reggae re-imagining of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, the disc includes instructions on how to sync up the album with The Wizard of Oz. Easy Star All-Stars' latest album, Radiodread, gives a track-for-track reggae treatment to Radiohead's OK Computer, featuring a dozen different reggae artists.

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David Dye is a longtime Philadelphia radio personality whose music enthusiasm has captivated listeners of World Cafe® since 1991. World Cafe is produced by WXPN, the public radio service of the University of Pennsylvania.