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Fountains of Wayne, Guster, Joss Stone

A Be Good Tanyas side project: Po' Girl; Great pop from the Fountains of Wayne; Life set to the sounds of Guster; Armenian melodies from Kim Kashkashian; Music for the end of the world: Boris Kovac. Featured Artist: Joss Stone.

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Fountains of Wayne, Guster, Joss Stone

The Chokin' Kind

Just 16 years old, Joss Stone sings cover tunes from the White Stripes, the Isley Brothers and more with a remarkably soulful voice.

Wheels Are Taking Me Away

f you like the Be Good Tanyas, you'll enjoy the bluesy, old timey sound of Po' Girl. The group features Allison Russell on clarinet and Be Good Tanyas founding member Trish Klein on banjo. Frazey Ford, another Tanyas member, sings backup.

Mexican Wine

Named after a New Jersey gift shop, the Fountains of Wayne make great, feel-good guitar pop with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor.


This Boston trio started off in the late '90s with a unique sound: two acoustic guitars and a set of bongos. Today they're more electrified, playing catchy, indie pop/rock on a relentless touring schedule.


Violist Kim Kashkashian explores the contemporary music of Armenia with this composition by Tigran Mansurian - and the roots of this music - compositions by philosopher, theologist, and ethnomusicologist Komitas.

Early Morning Waltz

Boris Kovac was born in 1955 in the Vojvodina region of northwest Yugoslavia. His work is strongly influenced by folk music from Hungary, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia, and by Slobodan Milosevic's Yugoslavian war in the early '90s. His music is deeply spiritual, celebrating ideals like brotherly love and peace.