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East Africa


Davan Maharaj
* Nairobi Bureau Chief, The Los Angeles Times

Steve Ndegwa
* Political Science Professor, William and Mary College, Williamsburg, VA

Daniel Benjamin
* Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic and International Studies
* Co-author, The Age of Sacred Terror (Random House, 2002)
* Former, National Security Council under President Clinton

John Voll
* Associate Director, The Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University

Attacks last week in Mombassa, Kenya raise new concerns about Al Qaeda in East Africa. On Talk of the Nation, join Neal Conan for a look at the unique mix of politics, geography, economics and history that make East Africa tempting for terrorists, from NPR News.

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Neal Conan
Award winning journalist Neal Conan was the final host of Talk of the Nation, which broadcast its final show on June 27, 2013.