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The Influence of Grandmothers


Patricia Anne Jarvis
*Professor of Psychology at Illinois State University
*Specializes in Life Span Social Development

Marguerite Kelly
*Washington Post family columnist
*Grandmother of 8

Suzette Hayden Elgin
*Author of The Grandmother Principles (Abbeville Publishers, 2002)

Carole B. Cox
*Professor of Social Work at Fordham University, Graduate School of Social Service
*Author, Empowering Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: A Training Manual for Group Leaders (Springer Publishing, 2002)

Researchers are now saying that grandmothers have played a powerful role in human evolution. But for anyone who's ever had a grandmother, you probably already knew that. Join Neal Conan for a discussion of grandmothers past, present and how to be one.

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Neal Conan
Award winning journalist Neal Conan was the final host of Talk of the Nation, which broadcast its final show on June 27, 2013.