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Land Use

Guests: DEAN RHOADS Nevada State Senator Cattle Rancher in Northern Nevada SUSAN LYNN Executive Director of Public Resource Associates (a non-profit organization that works on natural resource and public land policy issues) STEPHEN TRIMBLE Writer and Photographer Author, The Sagebrush Ocean (University of Nevada Press, 1999) Former President Clinton approved the biggest land conservation measure before leaving office. He placed nearly a third of the national forest land permanently off limits to road building and logging. But this environmental legacy could be shortlived. The Bush administration may reverse the measure, with government deciding how the land is used. In Nevada, nearly 85 percent of the state is publicly-owned and federally-managed. Since the late 70's, Nevada has been at the center of the so-called "sagebrush rebellion" that's pitted ranchers against the federal government. Who should make land use decisions? Join Juan Williams live from Reno, Nevada for the Changing Face of America series.

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