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Future of U.S./China Relations

Guests: WANG JIANWEI Visiting Scholar, Sigur Center for Asian Studies Asian Studies Program in the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University Professor of Political Science, University of Wisconsin, Steven Point BATES GILL Senior Fellow of Foreign Policy Studies, Brookings Institution Author forthcoming book Contrasting Visions: US - China and World Order (Brookings, 2001) BOB MARQUAND Beijing Bureau Chief, Christian Science Monitor REPRESENTATIVE MARK KIRK Republican Congressman from Illinois A US spy plane is grounded on a Chinese island after a midair collision. China blames the US and is demanding an apology. The Bush administration says no apology will be forthcoming, and urges a quick resolution to what it calls an accident. But Chinese leaders have also expressed displeasure over Bush administration plans to sell more arms to Taiwan. Join Juan Williams and guests for a look at the state of US-Chinese relations.

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