Grassley Says Trump Is Throwing DACA "In The Lap Of Congress"

Sep 5, 2017

Iowa’s senior senator says President Trump’s expected announcement concerning an Obama-era immigration policy throws a contentious issue into "the lap of Congress" because the president "is found between a rock and a hard place."

Child holds sign at the "Day without Immigrants" march in Des Moines. (02/17/2017.)
Credit Sarah Boden/IPR

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program allows undocumented immigrants who came to the country as kids to live and work legally in the US. Ten Republican attorneys general are threatening to sue the Trump Administration if the president doesn't end DACA.

In response, it’s anticipated that Trump will end DACA, with a six month delay. This puts pressure on Congress to pass legislation. The president tweeted this morning, "Congress, get ready to do your job - DACA!"

Sen. Chuck Grassley, who chairs the Judiciary Committee, says he thinks there are opportunities for compromise.

"And I’m going to sit back and wait as chairman of the committee to see what sort of thought is going through people’s minds of possibilities of DACA legislation, along with some issues dealing with legalized immigration, and see what people want to come up with," he says.

When asked if legislation can be passed within six months, Grassley says that’s difficult to say since Congress "hasn’t done much" for the past eight months.