Under the Golden Dome: Abortion and Death Penalty 2/16/2018

Feb 16, 2018

This is the final week for most bills to pass a committee and become eligible for debate in a chamber. It's known as "funnel week." Exceptions are for bills in appropriations, ways and means, government oversight, and administrative rules, which is why most budget bills are approved at the end of a session.

On this show, we focus on two bills. One that passed and one that didn't pass through the senate judiciary committee.  Both are among the most controversial bills that come before lawmakers, dealing with abortion and capital punishment.

Because these topics generate great interest, Iowans who aren't normally heard at the Capitol give testimony to subcommittees reviewing the bills.

Arguments for and against both bills often involve religion.  One woman questions how a lawmaker can support an anti-abortion bill while also supporting capital punishment. 

These are issues echoed in many capitols across the country.  In the case of the bill restricting abortion, it has the potential to be legally challenged and work its way to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Some advocates for the bill want this to happen because the high court could issue a ruling resulting in further abortion restrictions in the United States.