Podcast: Under The Golden Dome Week 5 (2/10/2017)

Feb 10, 2017

On this show, representative Monica Kurth from Davenport took her oath of office on Monday.  She won a special election on January 31st.  Now the Iowa House is full and her first day was a long one.  The House debated a K-12 education spending bill, as well as a new rule banning the use of visual aids, during a debate without approval from the Speaker of the House.

The education spending bill gives public schools an increase of 1.1%.  Democrats introduced an amendment asking for 4%.  After it was defeated, they tried to get the governor’s recommended 2% through without success.  The bill passed both the Senate and House and was signed into law by the governor on Wednesday.

A bill is being introduced to address head injuries among student athletes involved in collision sports like football or hockey.  A similar bill was introduced last session that would require a physical trainer to be on site at every varsity game.  It didn’t pass, so this year's bill would make more health professionals eligible to provide assistance and evaluation at games.  A discussion about this bill from the Capitol’s Law Library was hosted by Joyce Russell and Ben Kieffer.

Changes to Iowa’s collective bargaining law were discussed during public hearings this week.  Often it became heated.  Next week the Senate and House are expected to take up a bill, and we preview what to expect.