Podcast: Under The Golden Dome, Week 4 (2/3/2017)

Feb 3, 2017

Three-and-a-half weeks ago, Governor Terry Branstad presented two major proclamations during his Condition of the State speech. One, budget reductions for this fiscal year, which the House and Senate just delivered.

Second, redirecting family planning money that would not include funding organizations that perform abortions.  Last Thursday, the Senate passed a bill accomplishing this goal.  But it was a heated debate, often involving Senate Rule Nine.

Two weeks before the bill went to the floor, hundreds of Iowans came to the Capitol to voice their support or opposition to Senate File 2 during subcommittee and committee meetings. Iowa Public Radio was able to sit down in a quiet room of the Capitol’s Law Library for a respectful and cordial discussion between two opponents and two supports of the bill.

And there is a bill that may increase penalties for protesters who block traffic.  Clay Masters looks at what other Republican led statehouses are proposing.