Iowa Governor Asks President Trump For $1.6 Billion To Recover From Flood Damage

Mar 22, 2019

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds is asking President Donald Trump for $1.6 billion in federal assistance to help Iowa recover from catastrophic flooding.

Major flooding has caused widespread damage and led to several communities being evacuated. An analysis from Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management estimates about 1,200 residential structures have major damage or are destroyed.

Gov. Reynolds sent a letter to President Trump on Thursday requesting an expedited Presidential Major Disaster Declaration to help 57 counties recover from damages.

Of the $1.6 billion requested, Reynolds is asking for $481 million to repair homes with minor and major damage.

She is also asking for about half a billion dollars to repair 245 miles of levees.

President Trump approved Nebraska's Disaster Declaration on Thursday.

Flooding in Hornick, Iowa, seen on Sunday March 17.
Credit Katie Peikes / IPR