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The Dream Team celebrates 25 years of training young riders for RAGBRAI

Talk of Iowa, hosted by Charity Nebbe

As thousands of riders prepare for RAGBRAI next week, one bike team is celebrating 25 years of working with young riders on and off the course.

Since the 90s, the Dream Team has partnered young, inexperienced riders with adult mentors to train for five months leading up to The Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. This year, the Tuesday of RAGBRAI is Dream Team day, as the team celebrates its 25th anniversary. Brian O’Leary, the executive director, spoke with host Charity Nebbe about the nonprofit's mission and what the milestone means to the organization. Remy Bartells and Ashley Smith, two young people who have ridden with the team, join Talk of Iowa host Charity Nebbe to share why they got involved and the skills they gained from their experience.

Later in the hour, hear a clip of From the Archives in which Charles Hamilton speaks on Black power and white racism during a speech on Grinnell in a memorial symposium to Martin Luther King Jr.


  • Brian O’Leary, executive director of the Dream Team
  • Remy Bartells, Dream Team youth participant
  • Ashley Smith, Dream Team alum and RAGBRAI employee
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