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Two International Crises Through The Eyes Of Iowans

Talk of Iowa, hosted by Charity Nebbe

August 14, 2021, felt like history repeating itself when yet another catastrophic earthquake struck Haiti. More than 2,200 Haitians were killed and thousands more were injured or left homeless.

On this edition of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe speaks to Dimy Doresca, an Iowan who grew up in Haiti and is now chair of the board of Community Health Initiative Haiti, and nurse practitioner Rigan Louis who is in Haiti helping treat the victims of the earthquake and a series of aftershocks.

Later in the hour, Air Force Colonel Valarie Long, stationed at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, talks about the thousands of Afghan evacuees that have found safety at her airbase.


Dimy Doresca, chair of the board for Community Health Initiative, associate professor of practice, director of institute for international business, Tippie College of business, University of Iowa
Rigan Louis, nurse practitioner, board member for Community Health Initiative
Valerie Long, Colonel, Ramstein Air Base, Germany

Charity Nebbe is the host of IPR's Talk of Iowa
Matthew was a producer for IPR's River to River and Talk of Iowa