Bob Dorr

Studio One host

Bob started his 40+ year career in Iowa Public Broadcasting (radio and TV) when he did the first rock 'n' roll show EVAH on an Iowa Public Radio station Oct. 2, 1972. He was honored/recognized for those years by being inducted into the Iowa Rock'n'Roll Music Association's Hall of Fame in Sept. of 2000.

Simultaneously, Bob has been the leader, singer, and harmonica player of The Blue Band for 30+ years for which he was inducted into the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame in 2005 and reinducted into the Iowa Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in 2007.

Bob has a BA in Radio/TV Speech from the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. Bob's favorite program on IPR is (what else?) Backtracks.

It's a potpourri spotlight segment show including rockabilly from the female perspective by Barbara Pittman and Wanda Jackson, some One-Hit Wonders of the 60s, an entire hour of leftover listener suggestions from last weeks live show and some more compilation records from my personal collection.

It's the monthly LIVE show! In addition to listener suggestions we'll hear spotlights on rockabilly music from the Capitol label including Merrill Moore and Jerry Reed. We'll pay our respects to the late Levon Helm and hear more newly released live performances by Janis Joplin. Comments/suggestions, call me while the show is going on, 800-772-2440 ext. 5. Advance email requests at

It's the return of Guest DJ Night with listeners providing the tunes and expertise. Gemma Hoyden from Waterloo spotlights the British Pub Rock scene of the late 70s in hour #1. John Niles from Cedar Rapids gives us historic recordings of The Grateful Dead, 40 years ago on the Europe '72 Tour (John has seen The Dead nearly 100 times) for hour #2. And more records from my wife's collection happens in hour #3, HOSTED BY MY WIFE!

I have hundreds of compilation records in my collection, each spotlighting a particular facet or era in rock 'n' roll history. It's from those compilations that Backtracks is built this week. We'll hear segments on the A & M, Island, Slash, and Two-Tone Records labels, singer/songwriters of the 70s, British Invasion bands, and soul singers of the 60s in the mix. The entire show is from vinyl LP.

Another spotlight segment edition of the show. Hour #1 is leftover listener suggestions from last week's live show. Hour #2 has selections from the newly released Janis Joplin and Pink Floyd CDs. Hour #3 is the return of Cheap Date Night with selections from LPs I got for a $1 (or less!)

It's the monthly LIVE show! We'll hear female rockabillies including Brenda Lee and Sparkle Moore and 60s vocal groups like The Platters & The Showmen. There'll be some leftover Long Songs from last week's show and LOTS of listener suggestions! Advance requests: or call during the show 800-772-2440 ext. 5. Remember all songs on the show are at least 25 years old.

Normally, we hear about 20 songs an hour on Backtracks. Tonight, there won't even be 20 songs on THE ENTIRE SHOW! It's LONG SONGS NIGHT! All songs at least 8 minutes long including extended plays by Bob Dylan, The Guess Who, Kansas, Procol Harum and The Blues Project.

It's another all new spotlite segment show! We'll hear from women rockabillies including Rose Maddox and Janis Martin, we'll revisit the 60s Twist dance craze, there will be listener suggestions for songs by Bob Dylan and 10 Years After, and some songs from the recently released Pink Floyd demo recordings of 1979.

We'll be wearin' the green, kissin' the Blarney Stone, and eatin' Irish stew on this St. Patrick's Day edition of the show. All the music is by Irish artists including Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy, The Pogues, Rory Gallagher and Horse Lips.

It's the monthly LIVE show! In addition to your suggestions we'll hear spotlights on 50's West Coast rock 'n' roll, a set's worth of Twist songs, and some Iowa bands in r & r history. Suggestions/comments/salutations, call during the show, 800-772-2440 ext. 5

I went on a music shopping spree and came back with some cool compilation CDs with music ranging from Hillbilly Hot Rod songs to east coast 60s Beach Music. And I found nineteen dollars worth of $1 records at a used vinyl store in Des Moines. These new acquisitions will make up Backtracks this week.