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Giving the gift of new music

Find an Iowa music video advent calendar and meet 24 Iowa acts in 24 days! Also take a look around for our year end music magazine, All Access + a list of must-read music books out in 2023.
IPR Iowa Artists of the Month 2023
Meet River Glen
His newest project 'As Above, So Below,' is an album of original music featuring more than 150 singers/musicians.
Meet Awful Purdies
They are so named as a cheeky jab at the men with drawls dripping vacant compliments.
Meet Salt Fox
A Cedar Falls band following unlikely inspiration -- a letter found after an apartment fire.
Meet Miss Christine
And enter her 'Bittersweet' purple dream world.
Meet Uniphonics
They spoke to IPR about the challenges of having a seven-piece band spread across half the state.
Meet Dan Tedesco
He's been releasing his new album on his own terms.
Meet The Poly Mall Cops
Greg Wheeler and The Poly Mall Cops spent three years getting their record just right.
Meet Annie Kemble
She combines soul, jazz, and funk in her music and is inspired by classic films.
Meet Elison
The Des Moines duo is a pandemic success story, a band that formed in the process of independent pursuits.
Holidaze tunes, trivia and music gift ideas.
Gift Guide for Music Lovers
We've been keeping track of new books and musical stocking stuffers all year from artists we play and have worked with in 2023.
"Baby, It's Cold Outside"
Frank Loesser wrote the song to sing with his wife.
2023 Music Book Guide
There are so many music memoirs new in 2023 that we want to read! Here's a list.
Cher on her first holiday album
A first in a career spanning six decades: Cher has a Christmas album called 'Christmas.'
2024 Grammys: a guide
The major categories are dominated by women and seemingly up for grabs; elsewhere, progress is not always so clear.
Tracy Chapman wins a CMA
Chapman won the award for her 1988 hit "Fast Car."
Grand Ole ... Cirque du Soleil?
Cirque du Soleil is trading in its trademark worldbeat vibes for banjos and country two-step.
Barbra Streisand's new memoir
'My Name Is Barbra' is the ultimate exercise in directorial control, and a celebration of women's authorship.
The story behind 'Louie Louie'
The Kingsmen's enduring recording of the song turns 60 this year.
Madonna + Britney Spears
Two new best-selling books chronicle the lives of the pop idols.
A band and a Sphere
At its Las Vegas residency, the band harnesses its superpower: relentless earnestness.