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DNR Director says C6-Zero chemical list still missing

Director of Iowa Department of Natural Resources Kayla Lyon testifieds before the joing Agriculture and Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee. 2/20/2023 Photo by John Pemble
John Pemble
Director of Iowa Department of Natural Resources Kayla Lyon testifies before the joint Agriculture and Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee.

C6-Zero continues to fight the public release of a list of chemicals present during the December explosion at its Marengo facility. The company claims the Iowa AG has the list.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources still does not know what chemicals were present at the C6-Zero explosion in Marengo in December.

During a legislative hearing Monday, State Rep. Sami Scheetz, D-Cedar Rapids, asked DNR Director Kayla Lyon whether the list of chemicals would be made public. Lyon said the company has not provided this EPA-required information.

“We don't know yet what types of materials that they were using there it will all depend on how we work through this litigation process with the attorney general's office so I don't have anything to share on that," Lyon said. "But we're also very interested in getting that list of materials."

She did not say whether the DNR would make the list public.

Prior to the explosion, fire and evacuation, the DNR asked C6-Zero to disclose the chemicals on site. The director told legislators that this is a federal requirement that helps emergency managers and firefighters respond to disasters like what took place on Dec. 8.

C6-Zero spokesperson Mark Corallo said Attorney General Brenna Bird and the EPA are in possession of the information. But he said it is proprietary "and is protected by the court order."

The only court filing available referencing the chemical list is the Feb. 6 consent decree. In it, Judicial District 6 Chief Judge Lars Anderson specifically tells C6-Zero and owner Howard Brand to "produce to the DNR a comprehensive list" of chemicals that were at the facility during the explosion and fire. He specifically mentions that the list should include chemicals and proprietary chemical compounds.

When asked about this line from the judge, C6-Zero's Corallo told IPR to, "Check with the AG."

IPR News reached out multiple times to the AG's office for the court-approved agreement referenced by Corallo. The AG's office did not respond immediately.

On Monday morning, District 6 Court Judge Justin Lightfoot filed a protective order that creates a process for shielding confidential, proprietary and personal information from public review.

Zachary Oren Smith is a reporter covering Eastern Iowa