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COVID-19 Resources And Information For Iowans

novel coronavirus
Courtesy of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Novel Coronavirus

Current coronavirus and COVID-19 resources from IPR

With fall just around the corner and COVID-19 ever present, we continue to have a lot of questions. It can be intimidating to know where to look for information, who to trust, what’s outdated, and the best methods to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Here's a list of resources to help you find the information you need to have available to go into fall prepared. Whether it's the latest best information, interviews with specialists, daily updated numbers and trends, or national safety guidelines, we’re working to answer your questions. If there's something you can't find, let us know. Fill out this survey to tell us about your experience dealing with COVID-19 in Iowa.

Updated information about coronavirus and COVID-19

As more is learned about the novel coronavirus and COVID-19, guidance is updated and changed. Because of this, we recommend checking the CDC's website regularly.

We know that cases continue to increase dramatically both in the United States and globally. We also know that masks are one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the virus and innovators are currently designing more effective masks.

While we are still unsure of all the nuances of COVID-19 transmission, this expert has a few tips about assessing your own COVID-19 risk.

We don't entirely understand the label "asymptomatic" and what the long-term effects could be for those who have the virus but no symptoms. We can only estimate when scientists will approve of a vaccine and when it will be distributed widely.

Safely re-engaging with society
As businesses, public spaces, and schools plan for and continue opening in Iowa, it's important to keep in mind safety precautions recommended by the CDC in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.

While all public spaces deserve attention to ventilation, social distancing, and mask-wearing, some environments are less risky than others.

Reference these specific articles for questions pertaining to returning to the gym, dentist, parties or bars, restaurants, and flights.

Masks are not mandated in Iowa, but they are highly recommended by the CDC while being in public spaces because they not only provide a level of protection for the wearer, but they have been shown to limit the spread of the virus, which protects the people around them. Find the right mask for you here.

Many people with COVID-19 are not experiencing symptoms. While scientists continue to research the long-term effects of COVID-19 on those who are asymptomatic, we do know that they can transmit the virus to others. This article outlines our current understanding of how the virus is transmitted. Health experts warn Iowans to be cautious as cases continue to rise.

Before deciding to go out in public, assess your personal risk of contracting the virus based on your health history, the health history of those you live with, and details about the place(s) you plan on going.

Curious about pandemic etiquette? Consult this FAQ for reminding others to follow pandemic rules.

School and business re-opening plans
Kindergarten - grade 12 schools as well as colleges and universities are now releasing plans for re-opening in the fall. While some schools are ready to return to classrooms or bring students back to campus, many are concerned about and planning for the increased likelihood of COVID-19 spreading.

Meanwhile, businesses are assessing the best ways to re-open. Some states have slowed their re-opening plans due to the rising number of positive cases in the U.S. Businesses that have been opening have implemented additional safety measures, including plexiglass barriers at registers, posted social distancing guidelines, and requiring masks. As always, health experts warn to be cautious when visiting businesses since there are few federal mandates requiring protective measures against the virus.

If you are an essential worker concerned about your rights when it comes to the novel coronavirus in your workplace, check out this article.

Local and national cases
For a daily updated resource on COVID-19 in Iowa, check out the Iowa COVID-19 Information page from the Iowa Department of Public Health. This page includes Iowa COVID-19 statistics, resources, and Test Iowa information. You can also use this tool to access the risk of COVID-19 in your county. Read about the importance of assessing cases by county here. Read more about Iowa's, as well as other states', coronavirus-related restrictions here.

The U.S. continues to set new records for coronavirus cases every few days. Rapidly increasing cases are causing some states to slow down their re-opening processes.

Additional Resources
Check out the Daily Digest, where you can find short updates on the latest news from Iowa Public Radio, including COVID-19 in Iowa, protest and racial justice coverage, and more. Also, be sure to sign up for the Daily Digest newsletter.

Take the COVID-19 in Iowa survey here.