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Chinese Translation Planned for Branstad Book

Joyce Russell/IPR
Cover photo for "Iowa's Record Setting Governor: The Terry Branstad Story"

An Iowa author’s book about Governor Branstad’s long tenure in office is being translated into Chinese by a Beijing publisher.  

Newton author and former newspaperman Mike Chapman wrote Iowa’s Record Setting Governor: The Terry Branstad Story in 2015.  

It was a complete surprise and of course I'm flattered. -author Mike Chapman

Two Chinese publishers expressed an interest in translating the book.

“With all the attention that’s being given to President Trump’s relationship with the president of China, and Governor Branstad’s relationship with that same person, I can see why a Chinese readership would be interested in learning more about their new ambassador,” Chapman said.

Through a Chinese-American liaison in Des Moines, Chapman signed a contract with China International Press. 

He expects the translation to come out in the next few months with a new introduction and a new cover photo of Branstad and President Xi Jinping.   

“It was a complete surprise and of course I'm flattered,” Chapman said. “I’ve had 29 books published, but this is the first one in Chinese.”      

In Iowa, proceeds from sales of Iowa’s Record Setting Governor are benefiting the Iowa History Fund, a nonprofit organization founded by Branstad in 2015 with a goal of preserving Iowa’s history for future generations.