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Johnson County Will Not Sue State Over Minimum Wage Reversal

johnson county building
Katarina Sostaric

Johnson County officials say they will not sue the state over its preemption of local minimum wage increases.

County Board of Supervisors Chair Janelle Rettig says that decision came after the county attorney looked into options for legal action.

“At this point on minimum wage, we do not see where we have standing to sue. But the other parts of the bill—there may or may not be problems with those that we would want to pursue,” says Rettig. 

Rettig says someone who has been harmed by the minimum wage reversal could possibly sue the state. Then the county would consider becoming a friend of the court or help with a lawsuit in other ways.

Johnson County’s minimum wage was the highest in the state at $10.10 until state law set it back to the statewide minimum of $7.25.

County officials are also looking at how other aspects of the new law might affect local human rights ordinances. They will consider whether the county could challenge the state over other parts of the law.