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Protesters Want Information About Shooting, Headed to Cedar Rapids City Council Meeting

Protesters say they’re planning to gather Tuesday afternoon at the 4:00 pm city council meeting in Cedar Rapids. They’re demanding information related to this month's shooting of Jerime "Danky" Mitchell , who is now paralyzed from the neck down after being shot by Cedar Rapids Police Officer Lucas Jones.

The confrontation started as an early traffic stop. It’s not known how or why the situation escalated to Jones firing his weapon.

Mitchell’s supporters are demanding to know how the altercation began. They also want the immediate release of a dash camera video, and that Jones either be fired or placed permanently in a role where he’s not allowed to use force.

The group is requesting that U.S. Department of Justice take over the investigation of the shooting, which is being handled by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. And they say that Cedar Rapids PD should implement Campaign Zero guidelines, which limits the use of force by law enforcement and abolishes quotas for tickets and arrests. 

Last year, Jones was one of two officers involved in a fatal shooting. Both were cleared of any wrongdoing.

Jones is currently on paid administrative leave.