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Dream Sitch, 'Sideways'

Dream Sitch is the collaboration between Michael Nau (Page France, Cotton Jones) and Seth Kauffman (Floating Action). From his home in Maryland, Nau sent vocal tracks to Kauffman in North Carolina, who then played all the instruments on the songs in turn, improvising on the spot as he heard Nau's vocals for the first time, and giving himself only one take on each song. In just one day, the duo finished "Sideways," a languid, hallucinatory shuffle that is the title track to their second album.

The fact that the song came to life so quickly stands in sharp contrast to its downtempo, stylized retro soul, which hits like a doo-wop ballad on psychedelics. With Kauffman playing guitars, bass, conga and drums, Nau's acoustic guitar and stream of consciousness lyrics draw us deeper into the musical mirage: "Free as the sky / With something so high about you / Winding all the reels around / Sideways, sideways."

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Joe Kendrick