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Ghösh, 'Slamafied Buddhafied Funk'

Ghösh makes irreverent, high-energy, boot-stomping rave music that sounds as if the entirety of the Hackers soundtrack got melted down and poured into a punk-shaped mold. In its 2 minutes and 20 seconds, "Slamafied Buddhafied Funk" turns the dance floor into a mosh pit; it smashes Zachary Fairbrother's blitzed breakbeats against a wall of distortion (guitar and otherwise) and emcee Symphony Spell's exhilarating flow. But it's also the only track from the Alien Nation EP to feature the duo in a rowdy tête-à-tête, as they glow each other up in a body-rockin' boomshakalaka slam dunk that's equal parts bravado ("I see you got the funk / And you wield it like a weapon"), liberation ("Free some asses, bust some minds out of jail") and defiance ("No respects, 'cause I'm not a man / Riot Grrrl Funkenstein / That is my jam").

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