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Maral (Feat. Panda Bear), 'On Your Way'

If you should ever find yourself at an extraterrestrial club, the alien behind the decks may slow down reality with this hypnotic dub. Maral, an Iranian-American DJ and producer, considers Animal Collective's Panda Bear one of her ultimate influences. To benefit Sweet Relief, they teamed up remotely for "On Your Way," featuring Panda Bear's wobbly pocket drumming and synths amid a swirl of Iranian music samples.

"It kind of feels like the way Persian classical musicians play in an ensemble," Maral tells NPR of the collaboration, "where the beat is very repetitive and the players come in and out doing their thing." The whole thing is smeared in a pink-and-purple prickly pear haze, a psychedelic dub to take the night unknown places.

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