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Tammy Lakkis, 'Notice'

Looking out from the middle of this, the year of in-between, any feeling of certainty still seems like a long way off. Are things "finally getting better," or just less-terrible? Is it time to celebrate? Let in a little relief? It's as good a time as any – and maybe the best – to be asking these questions, to look again at things that used to silently slip through our lives.

"When the clock tick-tocked before, I didn't notice," Tammy Lakkis sings, "but now I notice." Lakkis, based in Hamtramck, Mich., may have constructed her song "Notice" (from Notice on the Portage Garage Sounds label) prior to lockdown, but the cautiously optimistic, romancing house track feels eerily apt for the right-now, in a world still waking up.

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