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2021 SPC: College Edition Honorable Mentions

Ableism On Campus

By: Meghan Crowley, Alessandra Tucker, Tristin Roholt, Carly Murbach & Emily Robinett, Tulane University

Being A College Student During A Pandemic

By: Sophie Laclef, Dickinson College

Crop Tops and Catcalls

By: Kendall Grace Harrison, Linfield University

The Griot Podcast: Sylvia

By: Olivia Jobe, Goucher College

Hawaiian Pidgin

By: Jacob "Coby" Aloi, Hamline University

History of Famous Phrases

By: Gavin Berger, Leah Ettinger, and Chris Ashe, Ithaca College

International Crises Need More Bra Support Than Women

By: Sonia M. Hernandez, Wellesley College

Marriage And Quarantine

By: Bernadette Fox, Metropolitan State University

The Memphis Country Blues Festival

By: Emma Jane Hopper, Elijah Matlock, Cam Napier, Betsy John & Shaliz Barzani, Rhodes College

Mothers Of Green Gables

By: Tricia De Souza, Williams College

Recycling and the Danger of Altruism

By: Asher Eller Wertheimer, Olivet College

SeroTunein: Having Skin in the Game

By: Kurien Thomas, University of Virginia

The Social Media Hermit: Puerto Rico

By: Keith Anstead, Community College of Baltimore County

Three Generations of Dating

By: Liv Glassman, Northwestern University

Within The Walls

By: Nathaly Sanchez & Hortencia Diaz, Linfield University

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