Security Review at Iowa Guard after Chattanooga Shootings

Jul 20, 2015

Gov. Terry Branstad has ordered a review of security at all Iowa National Guard facilities including recruiting stations after last week’s fatal shooting of Marine and Navy personnel in Chattanooga, Tenn. 

The Chattanooga shootings began at a recruiting station and ended at a military base, killing five people. In several states governors ordered the arming of guardsmen and women at recruiting stations and other facilities after the fatal attack.  

Spokesman Jimmy Centers says Branstad has asked the adjutant general of the Iowa National Gaurd, Maj. Gen. Timothy Orr, to conduct the review. 

"The guard has a security plan in place, that does include armed personnel at some facilities," says Centers. 

Centers won’t predict whether the review will result in more armed personnel at Iowa facilities.

“It’s too early to say what recommendations will come from Gen. Orr,” Centers says.  “But everyone can agree that these brave men and women deserve to have a work environment that is safe and secure.”

Tennessee's governor has not revised security policies. Tennessee law already allows the arming of military personnel at recruiting stations.

Branstad also hopes to participate in a review of policies at military facilities across the country. 

On Thursday Iowa's governor will meet in Washington with the Council of Governors, which advises federal officials on military matters. Centers says Branstad will urge a review of security at military installations nationwide.