Man Arrested, Threatened To Kill Transgender High School Student

Feb 15, 2017

The city of Nevada’s Chief of Police says his department has arrested an Ames man who reportedly threatened to kill, brand, and cause bodily harm to a transgender high school student. The student's gender identity is reportedly why he was targeted by 65-year-old Mondell Olson. 

Olson is accused of leaving two voicemails with these threats on a Nevada Community School District phone line. Chief Ricardo Martinez says Olson also sent an inappropriate and unwanted text message to a district teacher that was sexual in nature.

Olson was arrested and booked at the Story County jail on a $4,300 bond after police found a cell phone in Olson’s apartment that was involved in these communications.

He was charged with two counts of harassment in the first degree for the phone calls, and harassment in the third degree for the text message. Additional charges may be filed.

Martinez says the Nevada Department of Public Safety and the Story County Sheriff's Department are taking precautions to protect the student and teacher.