Lee Enterprises Goes on the Offensive Against "Fake News"

Feb 2, 2017

Executives at Lee Enterprises took time out of their first quarter conference call Thursday to defend professional journalism against the onset of so-called fake news. The newspaper chain is set to launch a campaign to explain its journalistic principles.

Lee Enterprises headquarters in Davenport
Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Davenport-based company operates newspapers and specialty publications in 21 states. Lee’s executive chairman Mary Junck blasted the proliferation of fake news. She says it underscores the importance of professional journalism.

“We operate under journalistic principles, including accuracy, fairness, balance and timeliness,” she says.

Junck says Lee will intensify its efforts to promote journalistic integrity.

“This quarter we’re launching a marketing campaign to promote our journalistic principles and our trusted  place in our local communities using social media, and our digital and print platforms,” she says.

Earnings for the company were up from a year ago, driven largely by growth in digital advertising revenue.