Iowa Place Names: A - E

Sep 14, 2017

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Adel: Ay- DELL

Allamakee: Aal -uh-muh-KEY (NOTE: Al as in "Call Me Al")

Amish: AY-mish

Arispe: uh-RISS-pee

Atalissa: at-uh-LISS-uh

Audubon: AW-duh-bin

Ayrshire: AIR- "sure" ("air" like the stuff we breathe; sure like the sher in "Sherman")

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Bondurant: BONN-durr-RANT

Bremer: BREE-mer

Buena Vista: BYOO-nuh VIH-stuh

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Calamus: CAAL-uh-muhss ("Cal" as in California or Calvin)

Calmar: CAAL-mer ("Cal" as in California or Calvin)

Camanche: cuh- MAANCH

Chariton: SHARE-ih-ton

Charlotte: sharr- LOTT

Cherokee: chair-uh-KEE

Chillicothe: chill-uh-KAW-thhee

Churdan: shur-DAAN

Clermont: Clare - mont

Clutier: clue - teer

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De Witt:Most residents say simply Duh WITT, with a schwa vowel in the first syllable; but some say "Dee Witt," as follows:

Decorah: dih - CORE - uh or duh-CORE-uh (short "schwa" as the first vowel) - though some residents say dee-CORE-uh as follows:

Delhi: DELL- high

Delmar: DELL- mer (although some say DELL- mar)

Delphos: DELL- fooss[the second syllable rhymes more with "foot" than with "dose"]

Des Moines: di Moyn (or de moyn - that is, a "schwa" in the first vowel - or deh moyn) [For both the state capital, in the center-west of the state, and Des Moines County, in the far southeast, do not say the letter "s" - that letter is silent. And no vowel in the word should rhyme with "say," But what is the first vowel? I hear a short "schwa" in the county, and a short "ih" in the city - but Wikipedia hears a short "deh," rhyming with "meh," and I sometimes hear that in the city.]

Dewar: DO -er

Dubuque: dih-BYOOK

Dysart: DIE- zert

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Earlham: ERL-uhm

East Peru: East Pee-roo

Elkader: el-KAY-der

Ely: EEE-lee

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