Democrat Cathy Glasson Launches Campaign for Governor

Sep 19, 2017

Democrat Cathy Glasson officially announced her run for governor of Iowa Tuesday in Cedar Rapids.

Glasson says her campaign will focus on three main ideas: a $15 minimum wage, single-payer healthcare and the expansion of union rights.

"We’re fighting for an Iowa that cares about all people again, that realizes when any of us are left behind, none of us can move forward," Glasson told supporters.  

She says the most important job of a governor is to raise wages and improve the standard of living. Glasson also mentioned improving water quality, fully funding the education system, and offering free community college to Iowans.

Glasson is a union president and registered nurse from Coralville. She made her official campaign announcement after a 100-day exploratory tour around the state.

There are six other candidates in the running for the Democratic nomination in 2018: State Senator Nate Boulton, businessman Fred Hubbell, former Iowa Democratic Party Chairwoman Andy McGuire, former Des Moines School Board member Jon Neiderbach, former chief of staff to former Gov. Tom Vilsack John Norris, and former Iowa City Mayor Ross Wilburn.