Online Listening

Iowa Public Radio provides live online streaming – in various formats and through different players – allowing you to listen anywhere, at anytime. Whether you listen to our News, Classical, or Studio One programming, we’re available where you are.

Our streams have been built using HTML5, which is compatible with all modern web browsers, on all platforms. However, if you’re having difficulty playing our streams and need information about HTML5, or if you’d like instructions on how to listen in a different player, we’ve provided the information below as a resource. Our goal is to help you connect and have the best Iowa Public Radio digital listening experience possible.

HTML5 Compliant Web Browsers
Online listening requires an HTML5 compliant web browser for both Windows and Macintosh.  Below is a list of the HTML5 compliant web browsers we support:

  • Internet Explorer 10 or higher
  • Firefox 7 or higher
  • Google Chrome 14 or higher
  • Safari 5 or higher

Alternate Streaming Methods
We provide a few different alternate methods for streaming outside of the web browser.  Streams can be played in Windows Media player or other players compatible with streaming MP3 such as VLC Media Player, Real Audio Player or iTunes.  To listen: Click on the link and choose your media player of choice.

Mobile Listening
The mobile device you’re using will determine the best stream format to select. We provide our streams in two two bitrates (bitrate is the amount of data carried in the stream – the higher the bitrate, the better the audio quality). We recommend using the higher bitrate when you have a more reliable connection – WiFi – as it has a clearer sound when you listen. However, if you listen while using your data plan (i.e. 3G, 4G on your phone), we recommend using a lower bitrate, as it will use less of your data plan and will be less likely to stop playing if you’re in an area with a poor data connection. 

High bitrate:
Our website allows streaming directly from it with a higher bandwidth for all 3 streams at 128 kbps. 

Low bitrate:
TuneIn Radio is an application (available on both Apple and Android products) that is setup with a lower bandwidth stream for 64 kbps.

Our streams are currently available in three apps. These direct-connection options allow you to bookmark our stream links for fast and easy start/stop. We’ve provided information about these apps and how to access our streams below.

Iowa Public Radio app
You can listen to Iowa Public Radio through our app! This app is available on Apple products (iPhone, iPad) and Android products. To download the App, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Public Radio Player, released by PRX
You can also listen to Iowa Public Radio through the Public Radio Player app. This app is available on Apple products only. To download the App, go to the Apple App Store.  Instructions to use the Public Radio Player are available here.

TuneIn Radio, released by TuneIn
Lastly, you may listen to Iowa Public Radio through the TuneIn Radio app. This app is available on both Apple and Android products. To download the App, go to the TuneIn Radio site.  Instructions to use the TuneIn app are here.

Troubleshooting and FAQs
This sections offers solutions for frequent problems and questions you may encounter when playing our streams, listed by general problem topic. 

If you can’t find a solution to your problem below e-mail us at When you e-mail us, include your device type, your device operating system and system version, the steps you took to start the stream, and your question or concern. Please allow 1 - 2 business days for an initial response.

The Stream Won’t Play
Problem: The player is not showing up or is only partially working on my desktop/laptop computer.
Solution: Update your web browser to the latest version for support of HTML5.

Problem: The alternate method of streaming does not work in Windows Media player.  Why?
Solution: Make sure your computer is up to date on windows updates and you are using the Windows Media Player link.

App Listening:
Problem:  I have a good connection but Public Radio Player is not working right, what can I do?
Solution:  Try restarting your device,  Public Radio Player caches data when it starts up and may be needing a refresh of the cache.

Radio & HD Listening
Problem: I hear static or my radio will not tune in to your station.  Why?
Solution: Please check out our Radio & HD listening page here.

Audio Quality
Problem: The audio is starting and stopping a lot.  What can I do?
Solution: If you are listening on a mobile device, switch to the Low Quality Stream.  If the start/stop/buffering continues, your device is likely not receiving enough bandwidth to stream our streams. You will have to wait to start the stream until you get a better data connection.

No Audio
Problem: The player seems to be working, but I am hearing no audio.  Ideas?
Solution: Double-check that your computer’s volume is not muted. If your sound is on, double-check that our stream is not muted (you can check this by looking right to the left of the drop-down arrow in the player).

Internet Radio Devices
Problem: I have an internet radio device and the stream is not working anymore from the URL I put in.
Solution: Remove the old connection and add our new URL in from the Alternate Streaming methods section.

Problem: I have an internet radio device and I’m getting a notice that Iowa Public Radio’s stream is no longer available.
Solution: Try to manually put the URLs in.  The URLs are:
Additionally, please contact us at with your device information and we will add our information to their list of internet radio stations.

Problem: I have a new internet radio device. How can I find and listen to your streams?
Solution: Depending on the internet radio you've purchased, you should be able to search for Iowa Public Radio or any of our station call letters.

My Shortcuts Won't Work Anymore
Problem: I have a shortcut for the streams on my desktop and they are not working anymore.  Why?
Solution: We changed the location of where all our streams come from and the old stream has been taken offline.  Please update your shortcuts with the new URLs, listed above.

None of The Alternative Stream Links Worked
Problem: I've tried the alternative streams above and none seems to work for me.
Solution: You may directly link to our stream URLs. These links will open in a new window in your browser and play as long as the browser is open. The URLs are:
Studio One: