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A Resounding Future: A Campaign for Iowa Public Radio
Make a special gift today and help IPR meet a $150,000 match from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust.


Our Resounding Future Belongs to All of You

It’s a critical moment in our history. We just celebrated 100 years of broadcasting and became a community-based public radio network. That calls for a greater commitment to all of Iowa's communities.

We launched the first fundraising campaign in our network's century-long history to raise $6.5 million. And we're almost there! You can join your fellow public radio fans and invested community organizations in support of our resounding future. Your campaign donation will be matched — doubling your individual impact and putting us over the top.

When you do, you'll start to hear IPR a little differently. It will sound more like Iowa. More stories from more places. More voices from people born, raised, trained and committed to staying in Iowa. And you'll even see and hear IPR in more places.

3 Ways You Can Make an Impact


Journalism is at the heart of who we are. Reporting news is a vital service that informs the public about the issues impacting their lives, provides critical updates as major events unfold, builds community through shared stories, and empowers people to be engaged citizens.

Iowa Public Radio must grow our news team and deepen our coverage to provide Iowans with the fact-driven information to make better decisions about their lives, their communities and their state.

How Your Investment in Journalism Makes an Impact

  • Reaching new and underrepresented audiences across the state
  • Creating additional news beats around the issues most important to Iowans
  • In-depth, original reporting of the issues that go uncovered
  • Connecting Iowans to the depth of arts and culture that go unnoticed



Strong endowments create strong non-profits. Expanding our endowment creates a dependable, long-term funding foundation for IPR — helping us build, maintain and lead journalism excellence and next-generation radio here in Iowa.

What a Strong Endowment Helps Us Do

  • Seize new opportunities to reach more and more Iowans
  • Maintain our status as an independent non-profit through uncertain times
  • Invest in the infrastructure needed to deliver a reliable source of news and information
Clay Masters delivers the newscast from the studio



The skills, experience and equipment needed to succeed as a public radio network are rapidly evolving. Investing in talent and technology today strengthens us as a media organization for decades to come.

How We'll Launch the Next Generation of Radio

  • Create a training ground for professionals committed to public media
  • Retain skilled Iowan students and attract talent from out of state
  • Invest in the broadcasting equipment critical to our network and digital technology crucial to our future
Phil Maass adjusts the sound

Your Gift Helps Make Our Vision a Reality

Your annual support has built the IPR you know today. Your additional support lays the groundwork for IPR's future.

Gifts of all sizes and types are welcome. Campaign donations over $5,000 will be recognized on a permanent signage at Iowa Public Radio studios. Make your gift now or pledge for the future:

  • One-time credit card donation
  • Multi-year commitment payable over 5 years
  • Appreciated securities
  • Planned and deferred gifts
  • Donor-advised fund at a community foundation to take advantage of Endow Iowa benefits
  • Gifts of land, property or real estate

Join 200 community members in building our future!


  • Anonymous


  • Jane Engeldinger & Michael O’Hara


  • Margaret Brennan Estate
  • Brad & Kelly Edmister
  • Charlotte & Fred Hubbell
  • Linda & Tom Koehn
  • Julie & Kevin Monson
  • Karen Shaff & Steve Jayne
  • Rachel Stauffer & Jim Lawson


  • Eddie Allen
  • Jackie Blank
  • Sandra & Dean Carlson
  • Roy J. Carver
  • Charitable Trust
  • Dr. Richard Deming
  • Nora & Dave Everett
  • Jennifer Garst
  • Warren & Beverly Madden
  • Jane McCune
  • Laura Poresky Estate
  • Prairie Meadows
  • Mary & Chris Rayburn
  • Robert & Kay Riley
  • Renee & Steve Schaaf
  • Emily & Fred Weitz


  • Ned & Micky Burmeister
  • Pete & Julie Damiano
  • Bradford Harvey Estate
  • Tom & Joan Gronstal
  • Bruce & Melanie Haupert
  • Mary K. & Daniel M. Kelly Family Foundation
  • Christine Lauridsen Sand & Rob Sand
  • Greg & Sandy Schnirring
  • J. Ann Selzer
  • Craig & Kimberly Shadur
  • Edwin & Mary Stone
  • Douglas & Deborah West
  • Judy Whetstine & Robert Rush
  • Larry & Kathi Zimpleman


  • Anonymous
  • Robert Becker & Diane Handler
  • Pamela Bass-Bookey & Harry Bookey
  • Burnett Family Foundation
  • Bev & Michael Hutney
  • Martha James & Michael Myszewski
  • Daniel J & Ann L Krumm Charitable Trust
  • Mary Lou & Gerry Neugent
  • Lois Roets Estate
  • Sehgal Foundation
  • Stephen & Victoria West


  • Anonymous
  • Mary E. & John M. Bickel
  • Lijun & David Chadima
  • Robert & Jane Downer
  • Tim & Teresa Dunbar
  • Catherine & Brad Erickson
  • Josh & Emily Horn
  • Steve & Libby Jacobs
  • Debbie Jayne
  • Hannah & Tanner Krause
  • Robert Oppliger
  • Sally Pederson & Jim Autry
  • Jillayne & Brad Pinchuk
  • Rae M. Reilly
  • Susan Skinner & Mark Movic
  • Libby Slappey & Charles Crawley
  • John Taylor & Julie McGuire
  • Shelley & Jeff Taylor
  • Marsha Ternus
  • Paul & Claudia Schickler
  • David Yepsen & Mary Stuart
  • Alan & Liz Swanson
  • Robert Waggoner & Wendy Wintersteen


  • Charles Anderson
  • Anonymous
  • Thomas Benzoni & Noreen O’Shea
  • Don & Barbara Brown
  • Ann Bublitz
  • Bob & Lois Buntz
  • Tracy & Franklin Codel
  • Julia Collins
  • Don & Dorothy Fowles
  • Myrna Johnson
  • John & Patricia Koza
  • Kaye & Richard Lozier
  • Dick & Kate Minette
  • James Pullen Estate
  • Dr. Linda Railsback
  • Tom Rocklin & Barbara McFadden Family Fund
  • Gene Savin & Susan Enzle
  • Kelly Sullivan Soley Estate
  • Delores & Clarence Sullivan
  • Charles & Kimberly Swanson
  • Andrew & Leslie Veit
  • Judy Vopava & Roger Johanson
  • Stuart L. Weinstein, MD & Lynn K. Weinstein

Under $5,000

  • Anonymous
  • Laura Behrens
  • Jeneane Beck & Matt Brewer
  • Cheryl Binzen
  • Gretchen & Bill Enke
  • Lois Fingerman, in memory of Lou Fingerman
  • Kevin & Pat Hanick
  • Alejandro Hernandez
  • Andrea Hansen
  • William LaRue Jones & Susan Sondrol Jones
  • Ardis Kelley & Michael Joyce
  • Emily & Mason Kessinger
  • Christopher Martin & Bettina Fabos
  • Mark Maddy
  • Teresa Hay McMahon
  • Helen Miller
  • Jeff & Kris Nielsen
  • Gerald O’Brien Trust
  • Phillip & Barbara Peterson
  • Debra Rodgers
  • Joyce & David Russell
  • Judy Sinnwell
  • Brian Waller
  • Karen Wendt & Rob Dillard