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ChamberFest Dubuque Live Set @1PM: Broadway, Baby!


Did the Tonys last night whet your appetite for more Broadway? Tune in at 1PM today when ChamberFest Dubuque comes to IPR Classical's studios to give a preview of this year's concerts - and that includes a "Sound of Broadway" gala tonight in Dubuque. Singer Sarah Ellis, a Tristate native now touring with a Tony-winning show, joins notable pianist Carlos Avila (who will also play Gershwin) and Dubuque native Bridget Pasker (who will play Dvorak on her cello for us). Introducing them is Michael Gilbertson, the 29-year-old composer who founded ChamberFest Dubuque in 2009 as a fundraiser for the Northeast Iowa School of Music. This year, Michael was Musical America's New Artist of the Month and one of the handful of composers chosen for the Minnesota Orchestra's Composer Institute sessions (his Sinfonia after Vivaldi was called "one of the strongest works" there and showed the benefits of his years of writing for the Dubuque Symphony!) Tune in!

Barney Sherman is a Senior Music Producer and Classical Music Host