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Tony Bohnenkamp on Java Blend October 6, 2012

The release of Side 2 exposes a different view of Des Moines musician Tony Bohnenkamp. For nearly twenty years Tony has been active in the music industry, but Side 2 marks the life-long musician’s debut solo album. Tony has played just about every role — owner of a successful recording studio, well-known dueling pianist, drummer for The Nadas, singer for Lunchbox, not to mention producer/songwriter/composer — but now it’s time for Tony to showcase his own material. “Every project I’ve ever worked on has been for someone else. I wanted to produce something that was mine; that I had complete control over,” shares Tony.

Tony’s personal songwriting style draws inspiration from an assortment of musicians, “especially artists that fill the spectrum of sound to the brim.” He does this in his own way on Side 2 by quickly enticing the listener by weaving hook-laden melodies with commanding vocals that seep in and out of rocking arrangements. Tony says he likes almost every single instrument that exists, which is certainly apparent in the album when appearances are made by a banjo, dobro, pedal steel, sleigh bells, and even some auto-tune.

Now with Side 2 complete, Tony is already working on another album of original, solo material that he hopes to have released at the end of 2012. “My overall goal for the year is to create something every day, no matter what it’s for, to continue the development of my abilities as a songwriter, producer and composer.”