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Brooks Strause on Java Blend November 3, 2012

No secrets between friends, ignorance is bliss. Brooks Strause is a singer, songwriter and musician from Iowa. Since first crawling out of incapacitating melancholy to begin playing music in the late nineteen-nineties when he was in high school, Brooks has written hundreds of songs, played numerous shows in and around Iowa, and toured in the United States and Canada.

Brooks thinks a lot, and it kind of works. A few years ago, he was rather negative and unhappy, but he's doing much better now. He still has bad breath and rarely bathes. He used to be paranoid and anti-social, but now is a well-adjusted butterfly. Sometimes he even talks to strangers.

He has written and recorded five solo albums, the most recent of which will be released in early 2013, followed by more touring. Brooks is currently a member of the aggressive folk and ragtime outfit, the Old Scratch Revival Singers, when they are not broken up. Normally, you can see him playing solo or in Brooks Strause and the Gory Details. He plays a wide variety of musical instruments, ranging in skill from horrendous to mediocre and continues to live in Iowa. He loves Iowa.