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The Head And The Heart Appeal To Both


The Head and the Heart has been a band aware of the potential conflict between logic and love from the very beginning.  The group members met while performing at open mic nights in the Seattle area about ten years ago.  They were practically minded musicians, looking for a way to make a living that might involve music.  But starting a band, with all the uncertainties involved, is something you do for the love of it.

They went ahead with the band, and eventually recorded and self-burned CD copies of their debut album.  In true grassroots fashion, those first CDs were lovingly placed in handmade denim sleeves.  The Head and the Heart sold the album at shows in Seattle, record labels took notice and soon Sub Pop Records remastered and expanded "The Head and the Heart" for wide release.  Continued success led to signing with Warner Brothers for their two most recent albums, including the new "Living Mirage."

The Head and the Heart are indie folk rockers.  The notion of folk music for the intellectually inclined goes back at least to the 1960s folk revival, which led to folk rock and in the 1970s the sensitive singer-songwriter.  Introspective songwriters sing about what's going on in their minds and their feelings.  It's an aesthetic that The Head and the Heart have understood from the start, and "Living Mirage" is a prime example.

Mark Simmet is a Senior Producer and Studio One Host