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Hot Chip: Think While You Dance


Hot Chip are not synth pop neophytes.  They've been performing and recording their distinctly British brand of indie and electronic dance music for around twenty years.  Main songwriters Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard have something to say about life and love on the new Hot Chip album "A Bath Full Of Ecstasy," and they would like you to consider their philosophical ruminations out there on the dance floor.

Taylor and Goddard formed Hot Chip in London as a duo, with the other band members joining up early in the band's history.  Everyone in the group is a multi-instrumentalist, and all are credited as synth players.  Also, it's interesting (to me, anyway) that everyone in Hot Chip does live DJ work from time to time.  That has to be valuable experience for a band known for it's electronic dance music. 

On "A Bath Full Of Ecstasy" Hot Chip certainly do not overwhelm the listener with more BPMs.  Of course, they are not the only synth pop band with a steady pulse and thoughtful lyrics.  It's not hype when Hot Chip's record label points out "the group's ability to mix the highest strobe-lit euphoria with the most reflective kind of headphones melancholy."