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Caroline Kid is manifesting her dreams one song at a time

Caroline Kid, a Nashville based singer/songwriter with Iowa roots, has a new self-titled EP out.
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Caroline Kid, a Nashville based singer/songwriter with Iowa roots, has a new self-titled EP out.

Caroline Kid is a singer/songwriter with Iowa roots who is now based in Nashville. She just released a six song self-titled EP. Her debut recordings have caught the attention of CMT, ET, E! and the Academy of Country Music.

Caroline Kid is a master of describing how her nostalgia feels in song.

The underlining message of her new EP album is: it is healthy to romanticize about our lives, to fall in love with the pain and to fall in love with joy. As you listen and absorb Kid’s music, lean into the positivity and the forward lyrics.

These honest tunes are brand new songs for Kid and some of the first she's written. Everything about Caroline Kid is fresh off the block, including her career.

"Some of these tunes I've written in the quiet moments of my own home and it is just me pouring my heart out," she said.

After singing karaoke one night, someone told her that she could "do this — make music." That got her thinking, writing and singing. Six years after stepping foot onto the Nashville scene and slinging songs at open mics, she found traction with her first song, Wyoming. “This is the song that started it all,” Kid said. The track begins with a classic acoustic riff and slide guitar with Kid’s gentle vocals breaking the news, “I’m not going to Wyoming."

Wyoming was released as a single in August, ahead of the EP.

She grew up in Waukee, moved to Oregon and then when Kid moved to Nashville, she saw it as a place she could grow. Her success so far keeps her believing that “music is a team sport.”

The EP and single were recorded at Vibe King Studios in Nashville with Andrew King. Kid sought the producer out to create a demo for one of her songs, Static. It is an upbeat melodic tune, carrying you into the “static” – where dreams meet the unknown, where you can manifest your future. Lyrics and rhythm make this a fantastic road tune, “She’s a cul-de-sac baby chasing skyscraper fame/She wants to wear the crown/She don’t care if it’s plastic/She’s going to ride the radio, all the way to the static," Kid sings.

Caroline Kid's EP tour poster lists dates she'll be playing in support of her new record.
Caroline Kid released a six song self-titled EP this fall.

What went from talks about a demo quickly turned into a full EP complete with a team of talented sessions musicians that brought her songs to life. The production of this album is right on the hot button, relevant and current in today’s country music, which is what makes this country pop blend so easy to listen to. Her country formula is authentic and will be familiar to the listener – light, yet emotionally viable and easy to enjoy.

“I have been crawling and scraping to get to this point," she said. "I feel like I have a mountain behind me now that the album is released. This whole process has made me hungrier for more shows and more songs that will continue to be worthy of an audience.”

After being named a semi-finalist in the Tennessee Songwriters Week 2022 and partnering with Bandsintown and Make Music Alliance, Kid is now releasing her collection into the world and hitting the road.

“I am excited to be performing back in my home state. I’ve called some folks to let them know that I will be performing and I am hoping to see them at the show. Zach Stone will bring a ton of energy to the opening set. I will be performing all the songs from the EP with a full band and I will be singing some new songs that will be going into a future project," Kid said.

Kid is bringing her music back to her hometown on Wednesday Nov. 2. Zach Stone is opening the show. Kid will be performing all the songs from the EP and some new material that she's prepping for a full length album.

Kat Darling is a storyteller, singer/songwriter and musician. She creates music in The High Crest, and is the owner of 5 of Hearts Productions with her husband, Aaron Short. Darling produces art and shares stories in hopes of inspiring others, and to contribute to the development of creative culture and community.