Iowa In Focus

Lindsey Moon / IPR

The artist Rose Frantzen has a vision for her hometown of Maquoketa in Eastern Iowa. She sees a place with art at its core.

“We would be, like, an arts district, where you would come and see five, six, seven, eight galleries,” she says from the Old City Hall Gallery she owns with her husband and fellow artist Chuck Morris.

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Fifty-one year old Jean Schilling left her home in North Iowa right out of high school. She lived on the East Coast and then in Minnesota before moving back to Iowa to help take over her mother’s floral and greenhouse business.

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Much of Iowa's slow but steady growth can be attributed to international immigration. While many native-born Iowans are leaving the state, some refugee communities are seeking it out. In many cases, they're deciding on a life in Iowa after initially settling in another state.  

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A group of volunteers is replacing the ceiling in a flood-damaged home in Pacific Junction. Mayor Andy Young is working with them. This home belongs to his daughter.

“That’ll go. Just screw it up atop there,” Young instructed two volunteers as they used electric drills to put drywall into place.

Natalie Krebs/IPR

Many small Iowa communities are facing an aging population. This is sometimes seen as an issue for communities that worry about what this could mean for their future. But Charles City is taking a different approach to this issue by working to become more senior-friendly and is making extra efforts to embrace -- and even grow -- its senior population.