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Tax Cuts on GOP Statehouse Agenda

Joyce Russell/IPR
House GOP Majority Leader Rep. Chris Hagenow (R-Windsor Heights) at a meeting of the Iowa Taxpayers Association
We're going to be looking at ways to reduce the tax burden

A top Republican in the Iowa legislature is calling for a comprehensive review of state tax policy, including cutting taxes, now that his party is in full control at the statehouse.   

House GOP leader Chris Hagenow (R-Windsor Heights)  answered questions at a meeting of the Iowa Taxpayers Association today.  

Credit Joyce Russell/IPR
Senate Minority Leader Rob Hogg

“I think we need a completely fresh look at tax policy in this state top to bottom and we're going to go through that,”  Hagenow said.  “Fundamentally, it’s 'are we going to find a way to reduce the tax burden  of Iowa taxpayers?'”  

“Republicans in the legislature can do anything they choose to do,” said new Senate Democratic leader Rob Hogg (D-Cedar Rapids.)   “It's going to be incumbent on them to choose wisely.”

In addition to the governor’s office, the GOP now controls both the House and Senate after defeating six incumbent Senate Democrats in the November elections.

Republicans in the legislature can do anything they choose

Hagenow says it’s clear the people of Iowa want Republican leadership.

“That’s going to mean being pro-taxpayer,” Hagenow said.

“There is room for tax reform,” Hogg said.   “I’m not interested in across-the-board cuts.”

House Republicans may have more specifics after they meet in private in the coming weeks.

“Let’s see what works and what doesn’t and what individual legislators have an appetite to get done this year,” Hagenow said.

The taxpayers group has compiled a list of proposed changes in individual income, corporate income, sales, and property taxes.