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Former Grassley Staffer Takes 3rd District

Amanda Horvath/IPR
In a tight race, Republican David Young took the 3rd district.

Republican David Young is the new Congressman from Iowa’s third district. He beat Staci Appel with 53 percent of the vote. Young says he will start working for Iowa on day one of his term.

“And you folks have the power to hire and fire,” he says.  “I’m not loyal to any party leadership, any president, this group or that group. You’re in charge here. This is self-determination, you’re the boss.”

Young celebrated his victory just a few blocks from his home in Van Meter. He says his campaign staff made a huge difference.

“And there’s so many volunteers out there, who were putting up yard signs, knocking on doors, saying prayers, sending money,” he says. “Thank you so much. You know my name is on the ballot but I can’t do it alone. In the end it really is about you.”

Young says his experience as U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley’s chief of staff will help him lead Iowa in the right direction.