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Mowrer to King: Pay Up for the Government Shutdown

Photo by Joyce Russell/IPR
Jim Mowrer outside Steve King's Ames office

Iowa Fourth District Democratic congressional candidate Jim Mowrer is calling out incumbent Republican Steve King for his role in the federal government shutdown last year.   

King was a leading advocate for the shutdown, which Mowrer says cost the American economy 24 billion dollars. 

Mowrer made stops at King’s offices in Mason City, Fort Dodge, and Sioux City, and in Ames where about a dozen supporters turned out.   Mowrer says the government shutdown was part of the Congressman’s  “extreme tea party agenda.”

“ He threatened America’s economic security,” Mowrer says. “ He threatened America’s national security, and that should disqualify him from serving in Congress for the future.” 

Mowrer blames King for sending home Iowa National Guard members on furlough.

“He shut down federal agencies, he shut down federal parks, and now he's talking about shutting the government down again in December,” Mowrer says.

The 24 billion dollar estimate from Standard and Poor’s takes into account the cost of lost government services and wages, and travel spending.  Some conservative columnists have challenged the estimate.

King has a commanding lead in the polls in the fourth district race, and he says he may not participate in next week's Iowa Public Television debate.

“He has said he may not decide whether he’s going to attend or not until the morning of,” Mowrer says.      

Mowrer presented the congressman with a bill for the cost of the shutdown, prompting a response from King spokesman Michael Stevens.

" Our opponent has resorted to playing gimmicks,” Stevens wrote in an e-mail.   Stevens says he can not provide an update today on the debate plans.