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After A Forced Pandemic Break, 'Stories To Tell My Daughter' Is Back

A view of the audience from the last Stories To Tell My Daughter performance in 2019.
Karl.a Conrad
Karl.a Conrad Photography
A view of the audience from the last "Stories To Tell My Daughter" performance in 2019.

The storytelling event, curated by Teresa Zilk, is a safe, warm place for women of color to share experience, wisdom and healing.

After a nearly two-year hiatus, "Stories To Tell My Daughter," the Iowa storytelling experience that centers on the lived experiences of African American women and women of color, returns to the stage this month.

Teresa Zilk, creator and producer says the event is a way for her to honor the many women in her childhood that took part in helping raise her.

"They were such important people in my life," Zilk said. "'Stories To Tell My Daughter' is dedicated to their memory, to their spirit, to their wisdom to everything they were to me. And they shared themselves to others — the wisdom of their lives to others."

Zilk has established a platform for other storytellers to share their lives, heartaches, experiences and the people who impacted their lives on the same stage. "Stories To Tell My Daughter" is scheduled for July 25, 2021, in the Viking Theater at Grand View University in Des Moines.


  • Teresa Zilk, creator, producer and curator of "Stories to Tell My Daughter"
  • Christina Fernandez-Morrow, writer, public speaker, professor of business and communications
  • Bonnie Brown, civil rights activist
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