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The Legacy Of Ted Polumbaum

Judy Polumbaum, daughter of Ted Polumbaum.
Ted Polumbaum photographing from the back of a garbage truck on one of his final assignments: Workers of the Works. Polumbaum documented trash collectors on and off the job in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
All Available Light: The Life and Legacy of Photographer Ted Polumbaum

Judy Polumbaum has led an extraordinary life and had a distinguished career, but her latest book, part biography, part memoir, is about her remarkable father Ted Polumbaum. He was a young journalist, a veteran of WWII and a graduate of Yale when he was called to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee accused of being a communist. Ted Polumbaum was blacklisted, based on no real evidence. He was fired and quickly discovered he could no longer make a living as a journalist.

Ted Polumbaum reinvented himself as a photographer rocketing him to a successful career. On this edition of Talk of Iowa, Charity Nebbe speaks to Judy Polumbaum about her father and her book "All Available Light: The Life and Legacy of Photographer Ted Polumbaum."

Judy Polumbaum will be part of a virtual event at Prairie Lights Book Store on July 14, 2021, at 7 pm.


  • Judy Polumbaum, professor emerita of journalism and mass communication, University of Iowa
Charity Nebbe is the host of IPR's Talk of Iowa
Matthew was a producer for IPR's River to River and Talk of Iowa