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Documentary "Getting That Note Out" Tells The Story Of Etheleen Morehead Wright

Courtesy of Francesca Soans
Etheleen Morehead Wright

Etheleen Morehead Wright of Waterloo was born in 1938. She picked up the guitar from grandpa when she was little and eventually started playing the blues. She was a prominent member of the group Louis and the Blues Review and even had her own band, Etheleen Wright and The Mixers.

She still lives in Waterloo and is the subject of a new documentary called "Getting That Note Out."

On this edition of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe speaks with the filmmaker behind "Getting That Note Out," Francesca Soans.


  • Francesca Soans, filmmaker, associate professor of digital media in the department of communication and media at the University of Northern Iowa
Charity Nebbe is the host of IPR's Talk of Iowa
Rick Brewer was a producer for IPR's Talk of Iowa and River to River