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James Tutson On His New Music And "Neighbors" Non-Profit

Courtesy of James Tutson
James Tutson of Iowa City was recently featured on NBC’s “The Voice.” He has a new album coming out this summer, and he’s been working on a new project called “Neighbors” aimed at creating a faith community that is inclusive of LGBTQ Iowans with an emphasis on diversity.

Iowa City-based singer-songwriter James Tutson is a local favorite who is having a big year musically. He’s released a couple of new singles. He has an album called, “Still” coming out this summer, and he made an appearance on the hit television show “The Voice.” His music, like his life, is largely inspired by his faith. Here’s a little taste of "Holy," a single he released in early April.

Somehow, in the midst of all of that, he’s found time, along with his wife, to found a non-profit faith community called Neighbors. They describe it this way, "A community where all young people can find belonging, discover Jesus and are empowered to serve."


  • James Tutson, Iowa City-based singer-songwriter, founder of Neighbors
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